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La Santa Sede (The Holy See)




Brevi Cenni sull'ordine Certosino 

Information about the Carthusians


Eremiti di San Bruno - St. Mary's Hermitage

Il nostro web alternativo:


Santa Cruz Eremitorio Veracruz Mexico 

Diocesan Hermit friend of Dom Ugo in Mexico


L'Ordine Certosino

The Carthusian Order Official Website


Cartusialover on Altervista

Cartusialover on Wordpress

Best Carthusian Blog on Internet



 Religious Goods from other sources


Carmelite Monastery of the Sacred Heart 

For the purchase of handmade rosaries


Iconi Liturgici da Suor Petra Clare Er. Dio

Iconographer who accepts commissions


St. Josephs Apprentice

 Hand made Portable Altars [with Altar stone - if ordered] this gentleman has a real gift in making beautiful altars - St. Joseph who is a carpenter by trade would be proud



St Mary's Hermitage on Facebook

Dom Ugo Ginex ESB 

The Holy Celtic Church Int.

The Holy Cross Benedictines of Adoration

The Congregation of Saint Romuald

The Confraternity of the Life of Mary

The Guild of Holy Apostles